Trevose Day School, home of Neshaminy Montessori, excels at offering a nurturing, community-minded environment that fosters outstanding learners.

Through educational programs that emphasize exploration and independence, our students blossom into engaged citizens with a passion for discovery. We don’t believe in rote exercises and outdated lesson plans. Each day, we strive to deliver dynamic and innovative learning experiences that offer social, emotional, physical and intellectual challenges that nurture the whole child.

Our traditional and Montessori programs are enhanced, where appropriate, with the latest in interactive technology, the visual and performing arts, and scientific exploration. We value sustainability as a life approach, offering hands-on opportunities to engage with the planet through the care of chickens, butterflies, gardens and worms. With special after school programs in Chess, Dance, Art, Robotics, Athletics and more, students are given every opportunity to explore and develop their interests. 



We believe a teacher’s role is that of a facilitator, mentor and friend. Our dedicated staff advocates for their students’ general well being, both academically and socially. We nourish each child’s spirit and imagination by encouraging the inherent high self-esteem and desire for independence that is innate to all humans. To do this, classroom sizes are deliberately kept small and intimate, and our teaching style is highly individualized to accommodate each learner’s needs and ability.


The staff of Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori works collectively and collaboratively to make each day an enriching experience for children and adults alike. Communication is key to growth, and we encourage an open conversation among staff members about teaching techniques, education trends and child development news. Staying abreast of all aspects of the learning experience helps ensure that our team is armed with the most effective tools needed to bring excellence and a joy of learning to the classroom each and every day.



Offering private, non-profit and non-sectarian education, Trevose Day School has fused Montessori and traditional learning methods since inception. After establishing its beautiful campus-like headquarters in Bucks County, PA, Trevose Day School was born with one Montessori School and traditional first program, kindergarten and elementary schools. Almost 45 years later, leading educators still regard Trevose Day School as an exceptional hub for families with young children.

Trevose Day School is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Care Provider and Equal Opportunity Employer