Teacher's Corner: After School Programs

Our exciting after-school programs invite students to spend extra time with their favorite interests. At Trevose Day School, we offer a range of fun, engaging opportunities in technology, chess, fine arts, and foreign language. Each program is designed keep our students engaged and eager to learn. 

International Chess Master Mr. Yakobashvili leads students at our Chess Club. Learning chess in an inviting atmosphere hones critical thinking skills and fosters a healthy sense of competition. Our students face off in both tournament-style and individual games under his watchful eye. Regardless of previous skill level, Chess Club participation is tailored to each student’s individual needs so that everyone feels comfortable at the chess board.

The study of the French language and culture emphasizes the appreciation of cultural differences and similarities. Students learn the basics of communication using a foreign language while applying their skills in conversation with other students and during class presentations. Our art program introduces a broad range of artistic techniques and mediums, sparking creativity in young minds. We look forward to sharing our final project later in the year — a beautiful gallery which showcase the works of our budding talents.

Tech-minded learners are welcomed into the worlds of Website Design and Robotics with Mrs. Worral. Website design and coding encourages problem solving and creativity in younger students and prepares them for increasingly technologically-based classrooms, as well as introducing young minds to creation of web content. Our robotics program invites students to explore the literal nuts and bolts of mechanical systems. Students investigate how a wheel turning an axle makes work efficient, how motion and force are transmitted across space using a chain and sprocket system and much, much more!

Coming soon… Animation! Our students will be using light boxes and technological saavy to create their own animated content. Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

To enroll in our after-school programs, please contact us at