Teacher’s Corner: Meet the Librarian

This year Trevose Day School unveils its unique library program

Mrs. Marcela Franco is one 4th grader’s mother and full-time librarian. Franco earned her Art History undergraduate degree and Library Science master’s from the University of Michigan. Trevose Day School’s Principal Gwynne Frischmann feels fortunate to have Franco offer children different lessons every other Friday.

“I've really enjoyed my experience working in the library,” Franco said. “It was fun for me to set up a library from the beginning, as I have never had that opportunity before.”

This year, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students have learned what differentiates nonfiction from fiction. Students have also read many different nonfiction books about fall, pumpkins, snow and dogs. They also followed up with similar fiction books and will continue learning about animals during February. Older students have been taught a myriad of subjects, including the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Library of Congress Subject Headings, nonfiction books’ components and different fiction genres. The students may sign books out to read at home.

Night time reading is recommended for parents. It ends every day perfectly, fostering quiet family time. Gifting books is important, too. This shows children that books are treasurable. What brings Mrs. Franco joy is seeing children’s elated faces when they bring books home.

“As an educator, imbuing students’ reading passion brings me great joy,” Franco said.