Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Trevose Day School

Students in Pre-K made “Irish potatoes” with Ms. Fishman in celebration of St. Patrick's Day as they learned about Ireland. Irish potato candy originated in Philadelphia among Irish immigrants, and the treats have turned into a St. Patrick's Day tradition. Pre-K had so much fun making these truly “sweet” potatoes!

Ms. Williams' 4th and 5th grade class celebrated St. Patrick's Day by participating in a scavenger hunt. Students learned about Saint Patrick, and how St. Patrick's Day began, by finding clues and completing activities to go along with the clues. One of these activities included a lesson on the Irish flag, which they all colored together. The students also sorted and graphed the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal as a math exercise. After everything was organized, they answered questions about their graphs and compared data with each other.