Mapping Our World Together

Our Kindergarten students’ worlds are starting to grow as they learn the continents by sketching and painting a map of the world!

This class of crafty cartographers sketched a map using free hand to depict the seven continents of the world. Allowing students to sketch the continents independently demonstrates their ability to explore the relative size, shapes and locations of the different continents.

While studying the maps, some could see not only what the continents looked like and how to spell them, but that there were also other labels on the map. Not only were the continents labeled, but also the oceans were labeled. This led to some great questions about different bodies of water and the different names of the oceans. The students talked about how oceans separate continents and that is why we can’t drive all over the world. Some pointed out the different continents that their families are from, including Europe, Asia and North America!

After finishing their sketches they were able to paint the different continents, distinguishing them by color. They labeled the continents and shared observations with each other about all of their discoveries!