The Beauty of The Butterfly

The students in Ms. Berman's Kindergarten class were able to demonstrate their creativity while learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

To help students visualize and understand the different stages of the life cycle, they each built mini-dioramas. "As our class creates their dioramas of the butterfly life cycle, they are also able to see live caterpillars in the classroom that we will watch grow into butterflies. It is a great learning experience for the children to be able to see the transformations before their eyes," said Ms. Berman.

Our emerging entomologists were able to choose freely from different materials to create each stage from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly to be placed in the diorama. The students talked about the different stages of the life cycle together and used their creations to help them write out and explain the butterfly life cycle in their own words.  

Each day they notice the small changes as their caterpillars begin to grow and make their way to the top of their jar - soon they will form chrysalises!