Observing Ponds, Insects, and Plantlife at Trevose Day School and Churchville Nature Center!

Our Second and Third graders studied pond water samples under the microscope before illustrating and labeling their findings in their science journals. 

Working together, the class carefully illustrated, colored, and painted their favorite microscopic aquatic pond insects.  The class enjoyed researching all of the animals, insects, and plants that call a pond "home".

The excited explorers enjoyed drawing their "realistic" design of aquatic insects, while coloring them "unrealistically". We look forward to seeing our finished projects hanging in the hallway for the Art Show!  

Students constructed their own pond "food chains", they also acted out and sang the "Food Chain" and "Pond Scum/Algae” song.  

The class took a field trip to Churchville Nature Center for a guided tour of "Pond Studies".

Each student had a wonderful experience, learning and experiencing many different things. Their favorite part was "dipping" into the mini-ponds and discovering the great diversity of plant life and creatures. The entire class became so excited when one of the teams captured a tadpole that the class named Tad! They also identified many other aquatic creatures in their explorations.

During the second half of our trip, the class had a picnic lunch, enjoyed the playground/stage, and shared impromptu speeches on friendship.

Trevose Day School donated to the nature center - in return each student received matching pond turtle necklaces...our "friendship bond"!