Celebrating Each Other

Last week we had our Silent Auction, Art Show and our Trevose Day School Annual Picnic! These events carry on our tradition of being a family friendly, festive school that can unite our community.

Thank you to all who participated in our Silent Auction featuring authentic, handmade pieces of fabulous art. All of the bidders helped to support our school and we continue to thrive with all of your generous contributions.

The students created beautiful pieces of artwork with a range of themes including: Recycling, Africa, Spring, Insects, The Continents, Monet, Abstract Sculptures and so much more!

A rainshower could not stop all of the fun-filled activities and games that the children participated in. We had a "Tug Of War" which displayed our children's strength and agility.

The Hulu Hoops competitions which were also a big hit.

All of the children participated in an egg race, which used eggs from our Trevose Day School hens. The goal for the children was to race each other while balancing an egg on a plastic spoon.

Our children are so crafty and athletic that not one egg was dropped in all of the races that were held!

A celebration isn't perfect without an amazing dance performance by our very own hip-hop group - the whole crowd was dancing along!

This event was not only about family, friends, community and art. It was about enjoying one another's company along with fabulous food. Children and adults feasted upon delicious burgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers as well as wonderful sides including homemade pasta salad, fresh cut watermelon, chips, mini cupcakes and the delicious Kona Ice.