Summer Camp 2016: Exploring the Pond

Our 2016 Trevose Day School summer campers had an informative, fun class with Mary Ellen Noonan where they learned all about ponds. Their class started off with the story “Around the Pond: Who's Been Here?” by Lindsay Barrett George. This story gave the campers many clues as to "who" could be in the pond. They were all enthusiastic about their different guesses - Mary Ellen was so impressed with their knowledge! 

Next, Mary Ellen took the students to the pond that she had set up in our barn. This lesson taught the campers about items that do NOT belong in a pond such as wrappers, plastic ring and other waste items that are so detrimental to all the pond life. Also in the pond were bones of various woodland creatures who could live around a pond including deer and beavers, feathers, pine cones and bark, and even an antler. The children each got to take an item from the pond, examine it and learn why it would be found in a pond.

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