Summer Camp 2016: Telling Stories with Animation

Our animation instructor, John Serpentelliis working with the Summer Campers on a new short animation film. The theme of this collaborative film is Trevose Halloween Party. Mr. Serpentelli has a Masters in Art Education and is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of the Arts. 

The basic concepts of Physics were discussed in order to make objects appear to fall, bounce or float away. The campers were eager to learn the basics of hand drawn animation, which requires the ability to produce art that is sequentially related. 

Our curious campers also learned the technique of "cut out" animation. Much like making paper puppets, cut out animation requires that the characters be designed on one piece of paper while the parts that need to move are each drawn on a separate sheet of paper. This way, the main character remains the same and the movable pieces can be changed out for each frame to be shot.

Here is a sneak peek of our spooky scenes:

The student iPads have been used to work on some of the animation using iStop motion. Stay tuned to the Trevose Day School blog to learn more about the release of our short film in the Fall!