Back To School 2016-2017

Summer has come to an end with the children arriving to school and doing different activities throughout their first day!

There was much excitement in seeing old friends, meeting new ones, going to the classrooms and starting their day. The smiling faces and energy continued as the students set about their new routines.

Mrs. Buckley's class started to decorate their names as a special project today. Next, they will do their own portraits. These 2 projects will be put together to decorate their new classroom! 

Ms. Williams’ class started the year off with a team building exercise integrating STEAM. Each group was given only 10 minutes to plan and build their structure out of pipe cleaners. The students had to focus and use their best cooperative skills in order to succeed at this task.

Mrs. Quirple's class jazzed up their names today in class. The children loved carefully gluing beans along their name. This is a great way to spell out their name, get their fine motor skills back on track and also have a bit of fun! 

Trevose Day School wishes everyone a happy and healthy school year! Welcome back!