Trevose Day School offers weekly special programs ensuring children receive well-balanced education.



At Trevose, physical education means developing healthy habits that last forever. Its physical education program features countless activities that foster teamwork skills, sportsmanship and character. Eight weeks of yoga help students develop better body awareness, control, flexibility and coordination.


Given language acquisition skills are highest in young children, French is introduced at the First Program level. From “Frere Jacques” to Debussy, from hand-made French flags to our Cezanne-styled paintings – everything French is taught here. Role-playing encourages daily conversational patterns and visually-cued activities that build self-esteem. France’s culture is embraced with good fun, culminating in a year-end French bread (“pique-nique”) that celebrates accomplishments and continued studies. Vive la France!


Children love games. Chess motivates students to become problem solvers in school and life while spending hours immersed in logical thinking. Trevose’s chess program strengthens memory and self-esteem. Children in kindergarten through fifth grade begin with rudimentary skills and increasingly learn more challenging scenarios. Instruction is tailored to individual needs. Working with a renowned chess master, Trevose students experience learning alongside a world-class expert. Individual scholastic tournaments are held throughout the year.